El Trapiche Tour Monteverde Costa Rica

Tour Description

The first trapiche (sugarmill) came to Monteverde in 1948

A little bit of history

When Mr. Higinio Santamaría (grandfather of the present owner), moved from San Ramon of Alajuela to Monteverde. The journey was done with oxen carts, to the area we know now as Santa Elena and lasted about 15 days, and then it was installed and started working regularly.

Approximately 13 years after the arrival of the family to Monteverde, Mr. Juan Santamaría Campos (father of the present owner) creates a partnership buying a diesel-powered mill, but close to 28 years after the current owner Juan de Dios Santamaría Hidalgo together with his family starts again after several years of being unused.

The idea of turning it in to an agro-tourism farm was created with the aim of showing to visitors a representative part of Costa Rican culture where they can appreciate the process of sugar by the old way making brown sugar (tapa de dulce) and processing of fresh coffee cultivation in educational and cultural tour, which began on 2005.

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Tour Description

The tour takes place in our family farm where you will have the opportunity to visit the coffee and sugar cane plantations and our cocoa greenhouse. You will learn about the traditional process of extracting cane juice and making sobado. You will learn the process that goes into creating artisan chocolate and you will be amazed by learning about coffee and its different processes. In addition, he will make his own cane juice-based sweet and taste each product.

What does the tour include?

  • Bilingual guide
  • Coffee Tour + Chocolate Tour + Sugar Cane Tour
  • Tastings: Sugar cane, roasted coffee, sobado (sugar cane candy), cocoa fruit, dry and roasted cocoa, white and dark chocolate,
  • Snack at the end of the tour; Aracache (typical dish), coffee refill, lemonade refill, piece of chocolate.
  • Transportation service in the Monteverde area for an extra.

Important information about the tour

  • Duration: 1 hour and 45 minutes
  • Distance: 1 kilometer and 100 meters
  • Difficulty/Elevation: Moderate
  • Most of our routes are paved for greater accessibility and inclusion. In addition to this we have a wheelchair and refrains in case our visitors require it.
  • Hours: Monday to Sunday. 10am tour, 1pm tour, 3pm tour.
  • Maximum occupancy per group: 14 people.
  • We have water refilling areas in each building that we will visit during the tour (around 05 areas)
  • Carry a refillable bottle.
  • Bring a raincoat, poncho or umbrella.
  • Bring sunscreen, repellent
  • Wear suitable clothing and footwear for walking.